The Meaning of Life can be found in our drive to live it.

Our lives depend on a healthy planet, and on our ability to work together; They depend on good fresh food, and clean water; They depend on loving homes, families, and friendships. When we cultivate and nurture these things, we experience joy

We find that our purpose is present in SOL, our three guiding principles:

  1. Sustainability - Living in harmony with nature, we ensure our future.
  2. Oneness - When we work together, we can accomplish anything.
  3. Learning - Finding the tools to solve problems, great and small.

The meaning of our lives is to cultivate these things; to treat all people and animals with compassion, nurture our world for our children and grandchildren, and spread life, love, and joy throughout the stars.  

If you want to build these values in your life, feel free to contact us, or find a group near you.

If you'd like to learn more about the fundamentals of Living Pantheism, explore the links below.