Going home.

Death is just a part of the never-ending cycle of Life. When our lives end, our bodies return to the Earth they came from, to become new life again. We are part of the Living Universe for all eternity. Within the church, we see this transition as a time to celebrate life. Thus, the way a person is buried is very important to Living Pantheists. 

In America, death is treated like a business. "Funeral homes" charge exorbitant fees to prepare a person's body for burial (either by cremation, or chemically embalming the body). These businesses may also use high-pressure sales techniques to exploit grieving families for financial gain, through the sale of lavish coffins/receptacles, and other "services" that do nothing to benefit our families or the Earth. 

Beyond the financial cost, the environmental cost is overwhelming. Industrial caskets today are produced from materials that require significant fossil fuels to create. In addition, these materials do not decompose, essentially removing our remains from the circle of life. Cremation is a poor alternative, causing a significant amount of pollution and greenhouse gas emission, and unfortunately rendering our remains toxic to plant life.   

For these reasons, The Living Universe Church favors The Natural Burial. Though there are many variations, traditionally the body is wrapped in an organic material, and placed within the Earth. In this way, bodies break down, and are free to become new life. 

Please contact us for help finding natural burial solutions in your area.