A Belief as old as Time.

Since mankind evolved to look up at the stars and wonder at our place in the cosmos, The Universe has answered, reminding us of the connection that binds all of existence together into One. This idea gave birth to the idea of Gods, a word man has used to describe invisible beings of great power; yet these invented Gods were not enough to explain the infinite Living Universe. Ultimately the truth remained clear, and throughout the ages Luminaries have helped guide humanity back together, with the understanding that we are all One.


A Fallen Priest.

 In the 16th century, Europe was under the oppressive grip of The Catholic Church, who burned 'forbidden' books and murdered people who spoke out against Christianity. Yet in 1576, a prodigal Priest named Giordano Bruno fled his order, accused of 'heretical' ideas and reading secret books. Bruno had experienced a vision of the interconnected Universe, and understanding his great purpose, he set out to change the world forever.


A Life of Compassion.

For nearly 20 years, Giordano Bruno set out to unify the confused people and faiths of the world, teaching that we were all part of One Being. He showed us that the Universe was infinite, eternal, and indeed the very face of God. Bruno wrote over 60 books and essays, taught in universities across Europe, and advised Kings and Queens on both spiritual and practical matters. Yet the Catholic Inquisition, death squads dedicated to silencing non-christians, were always on his tail. In 1591, while attending a book fair, Bruno was invited back to Italy by a man claiming to desire tutoring. The man's true intentions became apparent, sadly, as shortly after Bruno arrived he was arrested by the inquisition.


The death of a Hero.

In the year 1600 AD, by order of the Catholic Church, Filipo 'Giordano' Bruno was condemned to death for renouncing the Catholic God. He was found guilty of heresy for having written the first books about The Living Universe, an infinite body that contained innumerable stars and worlds, present in all existence. He also rejected the commonly held belief that Earth was the center of a tiny, finite universe, and that God and the heavens were anything like the Catholics had described. In his heart, the true nature of The Universe had become clear, and he was willing to die to share it with the world. 

The pursuit of truth is the only thing worthy of a hero.”
— Giordano Bruno

After six years in solitary confinement, Giordano Bruno was asked to repent for what the Catholics called "heresy" and "sin". Bruno refused, and was sentenced to be burned alive at the stake.

Perchance you who pronounce my judgement are in greater fear than I who receive it”
— Giordano Bruno

While being carried to the site of his execution, Bruno realized that this would be his last moment to reach out to those around him. He spoke, reminding those around him that Jesus was just a man, and that what Christians called "The Holy Spirit" was in fact the Soul of The World calling us back to our purpose. As he spoke, the Catholic Priests silenced him, holding his mouth open and driving a spike through his tongue. The Priests held up a crucifix to his face, at which point Bruno looked away, heartbroken.

Giordano Bruno, the philosopher, teacher, lover of all things good and true, had been murdered by the very people he was trying to enlighten. And yet after his death, his words spread throughout Europe like wildfire, igniting the hearts and minds of philosophers and scientists alike. This Renaissance spurred a golden age for human kind, the likes of which may very well come again.

For all time, Bruno's spirit remains a part of us; part of The Living Universe he loved with all his heart and soul; a shining light to guide us back to the truth.   

Love is everything, and it affects everything.”
— Giordano Bruno

For all Time.

The spirit of Giordano Bruno, his work and legacy, will continue for all time. His spirit shines in Luminaries, who work to bring us closer to understanding our beloved Living Universe. His knowledge remains forever with the Teachers, and us, to be passed on for eternity.

May your life be full of joy and happy coincidences; may compassion always be your better conscience. One Love, One Being.