Building a Sustainable Future.

At the core of Living Pantheist beliefs is the knowledge that choosing a sustainable lifestyle is not only essential to our survival, but richly rewarding. Read on to learn about the transition from Fast-food Culture, to Permaculture.  

Creators, not Consumers.

The first positive step we can make in embracing our connection to The Universe is to learn to create the things we need, and ignore the things we don't. The LUC website is full of great information on how to make the transition towards a happier, more sustainable life, from your own home. In addition to our online resources, Teachers are available seven days a week to help you with whatever questions or challenges come up during your journey. Contact a Teacher Here.  

Starting Fresh with Eco-Villages.

Eco-villages are the ultimate expression of love, unity, and sustainability. Many Pantheists choose to leave behind desk-jobs and urban environments for the "beautiful life", choosing to live a simple and sustainable life with their friends and family. Though this is a radical change, many are up to the challenge, excited for a new beginning living closer to our Earth. 

Improving our existing communities.

More than half of the worlds' population live in Urban environments. Being that this is expected to grow to 60% in the coming years, reducing waste and creating sustainable economies within our cities is essential. Living Pantheists in cities promote sustainable living through co-ops, farmers markets, recycling, and other programs designed to fit the needs of their communities.