Building a Sustainable Future.

At the core of Living Pantheist beliefs is the knowledge that choosing a sustainable lifestyle is not only essential to our future, but deeply rewarding.  

Living Simply.

The first positive step we make in embracing our connection to the earth is to use only the things we need, and let go of the things we don’t. Rejecting consumerism means we can focus on what’s most important in our lives; the people we love and the world we share with them.   

Living Compassionately.

Choosing a plant based diet is good for the animals, the environment, and our health. Using animals for food is not sustainable for the world’s growing population, so we choose to eat plant-based foods. Take a look at this page if you’re trying to transition away from animal-products.

Improving our existing communities.

More than half of the worlds' population live in Urban environments. Being that this is expected to grow to 60% in the coming years, reducing waste and creating sustainable economies within our cities is essential. Living Pantheists work to promote sustainable living through co-ops, farmers markets, recycling, and other programs designed to fit the needs of their communities.

Be the change.

Living Pantheists believe that it isn’t enough to want to make the world a better place. The only way we get there is through our hard work and dedication. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us.