We are parts of Earth's Body

Last week I asked meditation group attendees to imagine the Earth as a living being. We could imagine rivers acting as arteries, forests as lungs, animals as cells, etc. Once we had the imagery in place, the question became apparent: What role do we play?

In the discussions that followed, it was not altogether surprising to hear that the first thought on many minds was that we are simply parasites! This line of thinking is not uncommon, and even valid perhaps when you consider climate change as being similar to a fever, heating up the body to make it inhospitable to harmful pathogens. We should consider this point carefully; human logic and reason allows us to see that we are fast approaching extinction if we choose to define ourselves in this way. 

However, putting aside the destructive trends of humanity, we may imagine our more constructive potential. Of all life on Earth, we are the only species with the ability to leave this world, and bring life to others. As Earth has no other means of replicating itself, we can understand that we are in fact Earth's reproductive system.

Every system in the Living Universe acts in similar patterns, that we may see if we observe closely. If we look to ants, we see that the colony functions in much the same way as our Earth as a whole. In a similar way, the colony produces winged breeders, who will reproduce and create new colonies. However, these breeders consume tremendous amounts of resources from the colony. As they are not sustainable, should they fail to reproduce, they are consumed by the colony at the end of the season.

Let us look ahead to the coming years, and remember our purpose of survival, unity, knowledge, and sustainable living in harmony with nature; that we may become more nobler to the Earth that gave us life, and to those worlds who's surface we have yet to touch.