How to Recycle Electronics, and why you should care.

 Nothing screams "I miss the 90's" like a gameboy pocket.

Nothing screams "I miss the 90's" like a gameboy pocket.

Most of us understand that every little bit we can do to help keep our planet happy and healthy is good news for us. But when it comes down to our old electronics, most of them end up in the garbage. Sadly, this is not only a huge pain for waste managers, it's terrible for the environment and your health! Electronics contain tons of harmful chemicals, and if they aren't disposed of properly, they end up in our air and drinking water. 

So that we don't end up having to write articles on "filtering cyanide out of your drinking water", here's a step-by-step process on how to recycle your old electronics:

  1. Don't throw old electronics in the trash! Not only is it terrible for the environment and your health, it may be illegal in your state.

  2. Donate it! Make sure that the company you're donating to will responsibly recycle it if it doesn't sell. Goodwill is great for this!

  3. Find a responsible recycler in your state. If you can't donate, this is a great option. Click here for a list of "e-stewards" near you.

  4. Nothing nearby? Try the manufacturer! Here's a list of recycling programs offered by electronics manufacturers.

  5. Still no luck? Try Staples or Best Buy, both retailers offer excellent recycling programs!

  6. Don't throw it in the trash! If you need more of an incentive to recycle, click here to learn more about the toxins in electronics, and why they need to be recycled!